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 damages the property, what is my recourse?
ANSWER: The tenant is responsible to pay to repair any damage caused by their guest’s negligence or intentional act. If the tenant fails to pay, a 3-day notice to perform conditions and covenants or quit can be served, followed by an eviction.
QUESTION: If someone owes late charges and non- sufficient funds (NSF) check charges, do I give them a 3-day notice to pay rent?
ANSWER: No, serve a notice to perform covenant or quit for late charges and NSF charges. A 3-day notice to pay rent or quit should only include unpaid rent – never late charges or NSF charges.
QUESTION: One of our tenants is moving out in three weeks. She has refused to allow any prospective tenants to see the apartment. Is there any way we can force her to let us in since the law says we have the right to show it?
ANSWER: You may be able to serve her with a notice to perform conditions and/or covenants or quit requesting that she give you reasonable dates and times for entry. Contact an attorney for more information.
QUESTION: Three roommates signed the lease. If one roommate does not pay their share, are the other roommates responsible for the unpaid amount?
ANSWER: Most leases have a “joint and several” liability provision, making all of the roommates fully responsible for the full amount due.
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