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 Board President’s Message
Advocating for Our Common Good
BIy Earle Vaughan
t has been quite a year...strike that...quite a “three years!” In 2018 we transitioned the leadership within our Association to a new, and hopefully some of you agree, an improved Executive Director. That same year, we faced dozens of proposed housing bills in Sacramento including Assembly Bill
1506 that would have repealed the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, our last line of defense against runaway rent control. While we ultimately won the skirmish over Assembly Bill 1506 and saved ourselves from “vacancy control regulations,” our battle won was short lived as we soon found ourselves in a war over the proposed Proposition 10 ballot initiative, which would have also ended the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act for all practical purposes and resulted in vacancy controls, or the loss of our ability to increase rent to market when we have a vacant unit. Millions of dollars raised in opposition to Proposition 10 saved us that issue was put to bed, so we thought.
2019 brought further attacks against our industry with literally dozens of new and retreaded housing proposals, and new proposals for rent control in local jurisdictions such as the County of Los Angeles and cities like Inglewood, Culver City, and others. 2019 gave birth to statewide rent control with the passage of Assembly Bill 1482 and as a result, all multifamily
rental properties older than 15-years are subjected to limitations on annual increases and imposed tenant eviction protections. Assembly Bill 1482 was no way to solve the housing crisis we Californians find ourselves in. What could be worse than statewide rent control and tenant protections? We all stayed tuned, and we waited.
The global pandemic of 2020, COVID-19, has adversely impacted the health and financial stability of all of us, tenants, and landlords alike. Many have been inflicted, too many have died, business have been closed or are permanently closed, and jobs and livelihoods have been lost. In response to this worldwide crisis and economic shutdowns, we were attacked by a new housing policy – the “Eviction Moratorium.” As a result, many of us have not been able to collect rent, in some cases, for 7 or more months and have no recourse. For those that own properties in the City of Los Angeles, there appears to be no end in sight. And on top of that, to make matters worse, many local jurisdictions have adopted a “rent increase freeze” barring any increases, whether contracted per a lease agreement or not, irrespective of a tenant’s health or financial situation. Just when you think there cannot possibly be more harm done, then more harm is done and it is always “we landlords” shouldering the burdens of
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