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 Board President’s Message
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society and the renting class.
As if a pandemic and eviction and rent increase freeze moratoria were not enough, on August 31st of this year, we were given the “gift of Assembly Bill 3088” which gives further, and in some cases even more tenant protections while at the same time offers we landlords no more than some window dressing. It is a temporary, “stop-gap” measure and I am sure you share the feeling of anticipation as we cannot wait to see what comes next. The “kicker” with Assembly Bill 3088 is that it comes with many confusing new notice requirements and forms, it is challenging for any lawyer to figure out where local eviction moratoriums end (if at all) and where Assembly Bill 3088 applies, and the rent debt that is accruing by our tenants is being converted into consumer debt for which we will be challenged to ever collect.
But, as they say on late night infomercials, “wait, there’s more.” As if the pandemic, eviction and rent increase moratoria and Assembly Bill 3088 were not enough, there really is more. We can all count to 10 on the plagues with Proposition 21, the evil twin of 2018’s Proposition 10. I hope you chose to vote no on Proposition 21 – enough said!
Yes, it has been quite a 3-year journey for me as your President and for the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles. This has been my second “tour of duty” as your President, and it has been my pleasure to serve you these past 3-years during many ups and downs, disappointments and triumphs, and the seemingly barrage of thousands of state bills and local ordinances passed, defeated and amended as we actively engaged on behalf of all of our members as the protector of your rights and of your investments. While as landlords it is a challenge to always win, we did from time to time win or obtained critical amendments, and I am proud of our accomplishments and the job done by our staff and state lobbyists in the face of such adversity and disdain towards we “landlords.”
At the conclusion of this year, I will be stepping down as your President. As I said, it has been my pleasure to serve as your President and although I am stepping down at the end of my current term, I will not be
going far and will continue to serve as a member of our Board of Directors.
As I complete my term as President, I leave you in very strong and capable hands under the leadership of our Executive Director and my best friend, Dan Yukelson, and our new “soon to be” President, Ms. Cheryl Turner. Cheryl has served on our Board of Directors for many years. She is a trial lawyer and transactional attorney with an extensive background in business, insurance, real estate, and construction. She has managed her own legal practice, Turner Law, for more than twenty years, and she is a former real estate broker and former candidate for the State Board of Equalization. We are so fortunate to have someone like Cheryl to step in and assume the role of President of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles. She is going to be great...she already is great!
We also have three new Board of Directors’ appointees who will be joining our Board of Directors in January. They are Matt Williams who is the principal and founder of Williams Real Estate Advisors, Edmon Lee who is the president and founder of Lee Commercial Properties, and finally, Mike Brennan who is the managing partner of the Brennan Law Firm. I am so pleased to welcome these distinguished individuals to our Board of Directors. Being on the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles’ Board of Directors puts you on the front line of helping to effect positive change for and within the rental housing industry. I encourage every one of our members to become actively involved in our advocacy efforts and to consider joining our Board of Directors or one of its committees.
While I am soon stepping down as President, I will still be around to assist members and continue to support our advocacy efforts as a “rank and file” member of our Board of Directors. Also, this will not be the last you hear from me as I still have one last President’s Message to write for our upcoming December issue of Apartment Age magazine. Until then, have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Things can only get better from here if we think positively, we stay involved and we work to effect change by advocating for our common good.

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