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 Executive Director’s Message
Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop
By Daniel Yukelson
As I compose this message, I hope and pray that by the time you are reading it at the beginning of November that Proposition 21 has been defeated and our “little industry” is once again safe, although perhaps only for just a little while. Who knows what will come next? But I can, 100% assure you, there will be a “next.”
For what has been years, or in some cases decades, those of us in the rental housing business have been on this seemingly endless circuit of regulation and constant attacks on our livelihoods and retirement incomes. Any politician will tell you, “never waste a crisis” and “oh-boy” did we get a crisis with the COVID-19 global pandemic. This year, more than ever, it seems like our political leaders pulled out from their desk drawers every conceivable, bad idea from the last 10-years and put these on the table for consideration as “new and improved” housing regulations.
Sadly, the professional renter-activists are at it again. Backed by Socialist organizations, these tenant- rights groups continue their tactics of advocating via conjecture, fear, and hyperbole, and now they are making sure to take full advantage of this one in a hundred-year global pandemic we are facing. Their latest doomsday scenario is spreading fear that millions of renters are at immediate risk of homelessness once local and statewide eviction moratoriums expire. This, like the many other un-truths these tenant groups spew, is very far off the truth.
I have got to hand it to them, though. These tenant groups are well organized, have time on their hands, they’ve got creative slogans such as “the rent is too damn high” and they certain have got their playbook at work, ignoring the facts and rejecting balanced and sound policies that could actually solve our State’s housing problems. But is the sky going to fall on us Californian renters? No way, never!
For us rental property owners, contrary to popular belief and tenant propaganda, “we” are in the business of housing members in our community and want to retain tenants. We are not in the eviction business, which is a last resort and a very expensive solution for only the worse of situations.
Mass evictions? Impossible! Never will happen! The Federal Government has provided and will likely continue providing subsidies through unemployment benefits and by other means to help keep tenants suffering from job losses or inflicted with the virus afloat. Tenants continue receiving Section 8 assistance and other rent subsidies, including rental assistance through various local programs like the ones in the City and County of Los Angeles. And we hope with all this financial assistance coming in that our tenants will pay their rent, but that is never assured and never required. Hope is never a strategy, but we sit and we hope.
And now, how will we ever collect the ever-growing rent debt that has been deferred, and in some cases is being converted into consumer debt either under State law (e.g., Assembly Bill 3088) or by our tenants breaking their leases or moving out seeking smaller
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 Daniel Yukelson is currently the Executive Director of The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA). As Certified Public Accountant, Yukelson began his career at Ernst & Young, the global accounting firm, and had served in senior financial roles principally as Chief Financial Officer for various public, private and start-up companies. Prior to joining AAGLA, Yukelson served for 12 years as Chief Financial Officer for both Premiere Radio Networks, now a subsidiary of I-Heart Media, and 3 years for Oasis West Realty, the owner of the Beverly Hilton and Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills where he was involved with the development and construction of the Waldorf.

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