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The Loss of All Common Decency
storefronts,brokenwindows,lootingandburning businesses as “peaceful protest” and with that characterization, they condone these actions. It is as if we have lost all rational thought in this Country. It is “as if” we had referred to the Japanese bombing at Pearl Harbor as “mostly a peaceful flyover.”
On top of all this, our elected officials continue to fan the flames of this anarchy with calls to defund the police. For purely political gain, these elected officials continually call-out our police as racists further placing these brave men and women first responders in harm’s way. As a result, we have seen and will continue to see the rape of all common decency here in the U.S. facilitated by elected officials that pander to anarchist groups who have no social morals and that will stand and block emergency room entrances in hopes of dancing on the graves of those they have harmed. It is the political discourse facilitated by our elected officials that has caused this serious loss of morality and decency in our society today. It is a sickening political platform these elected officials use for vote getting from the fringe of society. They fan the flames and they get re-elected – the end! It could be the end of all of us.
These protestors, on the other hand, claim that the police and all of society here in the U.S. is systematically racist. Their solution? They intend to fix the system by destroying it and by causing harm and loss of life. Our elected officials and these grimly immoral protestors, by labeling our society as “systematically racist,” imply that society is irredeemably wrong and have convinced themselves that the only solution lies in the complete destruction of all morals, decency, property, and our cultural institutions as we know them today. Their plan is completely untenable and basis for their arguments are completely unsupported by any sort-of fact. Their discourse has forced a silent majority into hibernation scared to speak out against these radicals in fear of retribution.
Those that claim “Black Lives Matter” at the same time they freely destroy property, harm innocent
iIwasdeeplysaddenedanddisturbedwhile watching news reports about protestors that stood outside of St. Francis Hospital in Lynwood chanting “I hope they die” while two brave Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies lay there badly wounded after an unprovoked ambush-style shooting in Compton. What is happening in our communities today where our first responders, our great protectors and “9-1-1” answerers, are not only subjected to unprovoked lethal attacks, but while lying badly wounded after being shot in the head from behind, face disturbing chants of “I hope you die.” It is as if we are living in Somalia after a Black Hawk helicopter got shot down and a dead military pilot’s body was desecrated and dragged through the streets. Somehow, all decency has been lost on us today, and seemingly “the good is bad” and the “bad is good.”
It is difficult to explain let alone comprehend the type of behavior and grave loss of human decency that could block an entrance to a hospital’s emergency room and engage in the chanting of “I hope they die” while two of our peace officers are lying in critical condition following an ambush and each of them shot in the head for no apparent reason other than for putting on a uniform to protect each of us from the very crime perpetrated that Saturday night. I just cannot wrap my head around how someone could be so callous to stand and block the entrance to a hospital emergency room chanting for the death of these innocent and brave first responders? What has our society come to?
I fear that we possibly face the destruction of all our morals and society at the hands of moronic politicians and media that refuse to call “it” what “it” is. This is no “peaceful protest.” We are at the doorstep of anarchy and breakdown of social morals and caring for fellow mankind. Our politicians, like Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles and Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler and others have for too long placated and pandered to these anarchists that continue to take down and destroy civilized society as we know it. It is laughable that so many refer to boarded-up
n America
By Daniel Yukelson

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