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people espousing differing viewpoints or freely rejoice in the harm done to innocent first responders are nothing more than immoral hypocrites that do not deserve a voice or our attention. Unfortunately, our politicians and our media outlets continue to shine the spotlight on these very hypocrites and anarchists who are no better than the hate groups and racists they claim are pervasive
norms and decency. Let’s stop looking the other way just because someone cries racism. Calling out “white privilege” is racism too. Shooting a 31-year-old mom, a Sheriff’s deputy, who happens by the way to be Black, and her 24-year-old partner is absolutely disgusting. Let’s deal with racism as we should by not tolerating it and through education
throughout our society. To
them, this is all a strategy
to justify their preposterous
woke of immorality and
destruction of decency in our
society. This is the expected
outcome of the “defund the
police movement” espoused
by our elected officials
and radicals hiding under
the banner of Black Lives
Mattes or other groups. It
has become clear that these
radicals are the hate groups they claim to be at war with merely to justify their terrorism within our once quiet and safe neighborhoods.
Let’s begin by calling things as they are and stop bending over backwards to be so inclusive as if to condone actions that we know are terribly immoral or illegal, and severely lacking in social
and by working together to find common ground and solutions. But, at the same time, let’s not tolerate the continuing breakdown within our society and the discarding of our social norms by even an ounce of tolerance for the actions of these anarchists that seek to harm us and destroy our neighborhoods and property. These thugs that chant death to police officers and destroy property
while at the same time perpetrate reverse racism under a front of “systematic racism” must not and cannot be tolerated. Common decency must always prevail.
Please join me in supporting our police officers and all other first responders. Blue Lives Matter too as do all other lives matter.
Somehow, all decency has been lost on us today, and seemingly “the good is bad” and the “bad is good.”
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Daniel Yukelson is currently the Executive Director of The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA). As a Certified Public Accountant, Yukelson began his career at Ernst & Young, the global accounting firm, and has since served in senior financial roles principally as Chief Financial Officer for various public, private and start-up companies. Prior to joining AAGLA, Yukelson served for 15 years as Chief Financial Officer for Premiere Radio Networks, now a subsidiary of I-Heart Media, and for more than 3 years as Chief Financial Officer of Oasis West Realty, the owner of the Beverly Hilton and Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills where he was involved with the development and construction of the Waldorf. Yukelson was formerly Chairperson of the City of Beverly Hills Planning Commission and served on both Beverly Hills’ Planning Commission for 6 years and Public Works Commission for 3 years. This editorial was first published in “Fox and Hounds.”

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