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screening process. If you sense an abnormal “urgency” from the prospect, trust your gut and shy away from them. Never accept an out of state cashier’s or regular check especially if it is for more than the specified amount. Send it back immediately and carry on.
Otherwise known as the Tenant-Landlord Scam. Once you have rented your place and a tenant has signed a lease, make sure you periodically check up on the place.
• How it Works. There are two ways tenants are scamming landlords with this tactic:
(i.) The first way tenants can use this tactic to scam a landlord is by quickly putting your own property up for rent again once they get ahold of the keys! Very often using the same advertisement that brought them to you in the first place! They usually post it for way below market value and try to get someone else in as soon as possible. They keep the cash security deposit, first months’ rent and take off. You then start wondering why your tenant has not paid their next month’s rent. After many attempts to contact them, you show up at the door and see someone you have never met before. What a nightmare!
(ii.) The other way this scam works is generally using the same technique. A scamming tenant passes off as landlord and charges a little more for monthly rent.
They keep paying you the agreed upon rent until the landlord catches on usually months down the road.
• How to Avoid Falling for This Scam. The easiest way is to avoid falling for this scam is to always meet the person you are renting to and constantly check up on your rental property! Never allow a tenant to move in without paying you a security deposit and first months’ rent. It is also a good idea to run searches on your rental properties every now and then to see if anyone is using your listing information to scam others.
Other Tips to Avoid Tenants Scamming Landlords. Always run a simple search on all applicants and all the information they provide on the rental application. You never know what kind of stuff you may find online! Never skip conducting a background check and obtaining a consumer credit report no matter what their story is or how much they offer up front!
Use personal references and check in with those individuals. You can never be 100% sure you will not fall for a scam, but being aware of their existence and some of the things you can do to avoid them, you can at least prepare yourself for some of the most popular ways tenants are scamming landlords today.
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