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 Property Management
Countering the Negative Impacts of Increased Crime in a Community
 BWy Matt Williams, Founder, Williams Real Estate Advisors
ith the California prison on the budget cuts approved by the Los Angeles population being reduced City Council on July 1, 2020. This in turn is creating by 18,000 inmates a perfect storm for a rise in crime that impacts both since March 2020 and owners and tenants. In this article, I address how the reduction in police owners need to be prepared to address this situation. budgets, crime is on the
rise and rental property owners must be prepared. Most of the released inmates have committed non-violent crimes, but non- violent offenses just happen to impact rental property
owners and their tenants.
These impacts include property and drug crimes such as theft, burglary, robbery, larceny, vandalism, drug possession, drug trafficking, etc. Even though many are happy to see that inmates get a second chance to be a productive part of our society, not all released inmates are sticking to the “straight and narrow” but rather going back to their old criminal ways. To compound the problem, a reduction in police budgets and staffing are making it tougher for our police to respond to the increased crime. For example, the Los Angeles Police Department’s active duty police force will drop to a 12-year low based
As owners, we have all enjoyed the benefit of reduced crime from Santa Monica to Downtown Los Angeles. But more recently, tenants are starting to complain about an increase in crime. One of the major complaints is related to the homeless community wandering through properties, causing tenants to feel unsafe. Tenants have often called about such issues as homeless people in a building’s laundry room doing drugs or sleeping in the corner of the parking garage.
A second complaint is the increased gang activity around neighboring properties. Gang activity has become a lot harder to spot unless one knows what to look for. In the old days, anyone could spot gang members because they wore “gang colors.” But that has changed today. Gang members now often dress like a local skater and / or wear almost anything to blend in with the rest of society. But despite that
 LOS ANGELES - MAY 30, 2020: Police Car Being Burned During Protest March Against Police Violence Over Death Of George Floyd

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