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 Capitol Advocacy
BTy Kate Bell, Partner, Capitol Advocacy (AAGLA Lobbyist)
he door has finally closed on the the Shelter in Place order was instituted early 2020 California Legislative session, in the Spring. Specifically, it would have which was as chaotic as the year created a duplicative statewide moratorium 2020 itself. Governor Newsom on evictions related to COVID-19 and met his September 30th bill signing established a court-ordered, blanket reduction deadline with a 13% veto rate of rent by twenty-five percent during, and – slightly lower than his 16.5% after, the COVID-19 State of Emergency. It
veto rate in 2019. This year can hardly be compared also would have created an unlevel playing
to 2019, however. In his first year in office, Newsom signed 1,016 bills and vetoed 201. In 2020, only 428 made it to his desk out of the 2,223 bills introduced, 372 of which were signed and 56 which were vetoed.
COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the Legislature, resulting in extended recesses, compressed deadlines, and remote voting. Legislative leaders and policy committee chairs urged members to reduce their bill packages to only those measures that were pertinent to the pandemic or otherwise critical. Not every bill signed by the Governor met that criteria, but many of the enacted bills either address the impacts of COVID-19, the wildfires, or other pressing issues. As Newsom put it in his final bill action press release, he signed “hundreds of bills to address both the immediate needs of these concurrent emergencies (wildfires and COVID-19) and the long-term issues that have affected generations of Californians.”
Renter protections and housing affordability fall into the “long-term issue” category and are an ongoing priority for the Governor and Legislature. Below is a list of priority bills the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles either actively engaged on or closely watched this year along with their corresponding outcomes:
Temporary Moratorium on Foreclosures and Unlawful Detainer Actions: COVID-19 (Status: DEAD / Our Position: OPPOSE)
Assembly Bill 828 would have imposed a statewide moratorium on evictions and foreclosures and was introduced shortly after
field for owners of ten or more properties, if those owners would not suffer economic hardships under certain circumstances. Conversely, many larger rental properties have additional expenses. Owners of rental properties large and small are negatively impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak and struggling to stay afloat. However, the proposed definition of “material economic hardship” in Assembly Bill 828 denies the court the Ability to assess the economic hardship to rental housing providers.
The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles and our affiliates throughout California engaged on the bill early and lobbied the Legislature and Governor’s Office regarding our concerns, urging policymakers to consider renter assistance instead. Our efforts were successful and the bill was never heard in committee.
Tenancy: Rental Payment Default: Mortgage Forbearance: State of Emergency: COVID-19 (Status: DEAD / Our Position: OPPOSE)
Assembly Bill 1436 would have given tenants 5 months from the end of the state of emergency for COVID-19, or 12 months after April 1, 2021 (whichever came first) to repay back owed rent. Amendments to this bill were taken in late April to include mortgage forbearance that was included in Assembly Member Monique Limon’s bill earlier this year, Assembly Bill 2501, which failed on the Assembly Floor. The addition

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