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of forbearance resulted in fierce opposition from the California Bankers Association, who helped kill Limon’s bill earlier this year. Even though Assembly Bill 1436 remained the Assembly’s priority bill for housing this year, it died on the Senate Appropriations Committee Suspense file as a hostage due to Senate Bill 1410 being held in the Assembly.
Residential Real Property: Sale of Rental Properties: Right of First Offer (Status: DEAD / Our Position: OPPOSE)
Assembly Bill 1703 would have imposed a statewide right of first refusal (ROFR) mandate on rental property owners. We argued that this bill would have resulted in in less development because investors will not have a clear path to exit their investment. We were opposed to the bill and were successful in ensuring it was never heard in committee.
Homeless Accountability Prevention Act: Rental Registry Online Portal (Status: DEAD / Our Position: OPPOSE)
Assembly Bill 2406 would have required all property owners who accept any federal or state funds related to COVID-19 to provide very specific information to an online rental registry portal. A similar bill failed last year. We opposed Assembly Bill 2406 this year from the very beginning and we along with our affiliates statewide were instrumental in defeating it.
COVID-19: Homeowner, Tenant, and Consumer Relief (Status: DEAD / Our Position: NO POSITION)
Assembly Bill 2501 would have enacted the COVID-19 Homeowner, Tenant, and Consumer Relief Law of 2020. Among other things, it would have required a mortgage servicer to automatically extend a 180- day forbearance for delinquent mortgage payments during the COVID-19 emergency. Mortgage servicers would have been prohibited from assessing accruing or applying fees or penalties during this time. It would have also prohibited a fee for a deferred
deposit transaction from exceeding 5% of the face amount of the check and provides relief for consumers who can’t make their car payments. It was opposed by the California Bankers Association and died on the Assembly floor in June.
Tenancy: Rental Payment Default: Mortgage Forbearance: State of Emergency: COVID-19 (Status: SIGNED BY GOVERNOR / Our Position: NO POSITION)
The eviction moratorium instituted through the Governor’s Executive Order in the Spring expired in September, so the Legislature rushed to pass Assembly Bill 3088 at the end of the Legislative Session to provide temporary relief while a more permanent solution is being negotiated. Governor Newsom worked with Assembly and Senate Leadership and several stakeholders to craft Assembly Bill 3088. The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles along with its state association the California Rental Housing Association were approached by the Governor’s office to solicit input on this language and we were a part of crafting the bill, and though we did not obtain all of our asks, we did receive a number of them. Assembly Bill 3088 was the product of negotiations between the Governor, Legislature, and stakeholders.
Specifically, this bill creates two separate repayment periods as they relate to unlawful detainers including the Protected Period from March 1, 2020 until August 31, 2020 and the Transitional Period from September 1, 2020 until January 31, 2021. Assembly Bill 3088 includes a series of forms that provide tenants with notice of their rights under this new law, requires 15-day notifications due to non-payment of rent, and affords tenant protections for tenants that are adversely impacted by COVID-19 and return a declaration to that effect to their landlord signed under penalty of perjury. We had requested that documentation and means testing to be required, and the final bill requires those who make 130% of the Average Mean Income to provide additional proof of financial hardship. Also, during the Transitional Period, in order to be protected

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