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measure to give legislators and stakeholders more time to negotiate a longer-term solution. It will provide relief until January 31, 2021. Negotiations will continue over the Fall and we expect a new proposal to be introduced when the Legislature reconvenes in January 2021.
Tenancy: Termination (Status: SIGNED BY GOVERNOR / Our Position: OPPOSE)
Senate 1190 permits authorized tenants to terminate a lease if they or an immediate family member were a victim of a crime. We lobbied the Governor’s office and requested a veto, but he signed the bill along with a package of 15 housing related bills, stating that the bill package “follows on (his) signature on August 31st of Assembly Bill 3088, the strongest statewide protections in America to prevent millions of evictions and foreclosures for tenants and property owners who have suffered economic impacts from COVID-19.”
COVID-19 Emergency: Tenancies (Status: DEAD / Our Position: OPPOSE)
Senate Bill 1410 was the Senate pro Tem’s top priority in the housing space. It would have required property owners to offer a “tenant- owner COVID-19 eviction relief agreement” and would have provided a tax credit for owners that defer rent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Senate Bill 1410 was a hostage held by the State Assembly due to the Senate holding Assembly Bill 1436, so it was held on the Assembly Appropriations Committee Suspense File and ultimately died.
The history books are not written yet, but Governor Newsom’s second year in office was certainly historical and will be written about for years to come. It is too soon to tell how favorably he will
be remembered but he was able to accomplish much compared to the Legislature. While the legislative session ground to a halt for an extended period because of COVID-19, Governor Newsom led by Executive Order. In addition to the shelter- in-place order and eviction moratorium, Governor Newsom’s Executive Orders gave healthcare providers certain flexibilities, provided financial assistance to Californians and businesses, allowed the state to procure personal protective equipment and other medical supplies, and expanding telehealth services – just to name a few.
Governor Newsom was praised at the beginning of the pandemic for his swift response in shutting down the state, but was the target of some criticism early in the summer when he allowed for some economic re-opening resulting in COVID-19 spikes. His engagement with the Legislature remained limited until the end of the legislative session, which occurred while wildfires ravaged the state. Certain stakeholder groups and legislators are urging the Governor to call a special session this fall to address pressing issues like the wildfires, COVID-19, and even housing, but that possibility seems to fade as we approach the General Election and the swearing in of new legislators in early December.
Given the reduced bill load this year, lawmakers will be eager in 2021 to reintroduce bills that were tabled for this year - in addition to new proposals in response to the pandemic and other significant problems the state is facing. Remote voting by the Legislature was not particularly successful this year, so we expect to see changes to that process in 2021. The outcome of the Presidential Election will have a trickle-down impact on what legislation is introduced next year, as well as the budget process. Although 2021 will almost certainly not be “normal,” the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles will continue to advocate for its members, rental property owners and their tenants. Renter relief proposals will almost certainly surface. In 2021, we will continue to build our presence as a significant voice in the housing space both at the legislative, executive, and regulatory levels.
Capitol Advocacy has been consistently ranked as one of California’s top lobbying firms. The firm specializes in lobbying, strategic planning, coalition building, budget advocacy, procurement, and political involvement. Capitol Advocacy represents the interests of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles in association with its affiliation with the California Rental Housing Association.

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