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 Executive Director’s Message
Thank You to All of YOU, Our Valued Members
BIy Daniel Yukelson
wanted to reach out to all our members and supporters and send every one of you my warmest regards for the New Year. I hope that everyone had an opportunity to enjoy the recent holiday season and were able to quality time with, or in many cases
social distancing with, family and friends to reconnect and celebrate together. This year presented many challenges for each of our social calendars but thank goodness for technologies such as Zoom that allowed us to gather with family and friends virtually. Let us hope that by the time you are reading this message, vaccinations are being distributed so that we can go back, in part, to our old normal as soon as possible.
As a member of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, we hope you know and continually feel how valuable you are to our association. Like any membership dependent organization, it is our goal to make you feel as though you are treated as the ‘best’ customer” and as our “VIPs”, and we hope you know that we always endeavor to treat you as such. Every one of us at the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, from each team member to our Board of Directors, truly and honestly appreciate the support you give us every year. We promise that we will always strive to earn your deepest appreciation and exceed your expectations whenever possible - and we do not make that statement lightly.
The year 2020 started out with so much hope, but quickly turned on a sad note with the tragic loss of Lakers’ great, Kobe Bryant. For me and I am sure many of you, things just seemed to get worse and worse from there. By late February and early March, there was growing concern about a possible pandemic and plans being made to work from home, and unfortunately, the pandemic became a far worse than expected reality. Sadly, many of us know friends and family who were inflicted with the Coronavirus, businesses that have failed and
  jobs that were lost, and the inevitable ordeal that has been inflicted on rental property owners vis a vis eviction moratoria, rent increase freezes, anti-tenant harassment ordinances, and far more. And to make our year just a “little” more challenging, we were once again forced to face-off against our opponents from the A.I.D.S. Healthcare Foundation over the very flawed Proposition 21.
Yes, it was quite a year indeed and as I am writing this in late 2020, I am very much looking forward to putting the year 2020 into the history books. While those of us here today are thankful that we have survived the worst of health consequences resulting from COVID-19 and have managed to get by in spite of our challenges to collect rent and meet ongoing financial obligations, we are still here, we have survived and are hopefully in good health. Without any doubt, it has been an interesting year and a challenging one to many. It is with great hope that each of you has been able to “weather the storm” as best possible. With so many challenges, disappointments, deaths, social unrest (a/k/a, peaceful protest), economic decline and a long list of other adversities, let us just say we can only have far ‘better days lay ahead.’ “Better days ahead” must be and will be the case as we leave the year 2020 behind and transition into the new year 2021 and beyond.
The year has been a trying one us at the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, both personally and professionally. But, as we always do in the face of adverse conditions, when we are given lemons, we will always find ways to make lemonade. Immediately following the first stay at home orders in early March, we closed our office, rapidly executed contingency plans and quickly transitioned our team by facilitating nearly seamless work from home situations. We appreciate those of you that have been patient during this transition and during unavoidable technical hiccups that may have

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