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 Executive Director’s Message
occurred along the way.
Almost immediately, following rounds of the Governor’s emergency orders, local emergency orders and eviction moratoriums, and eventually the passage of Assembly Bill 3088, we quickly engaged legal counsel to create new COVID-19 legal forms for multiple local jurisdictions and in multiple languages, and then multiple legal forms, webinars and FAQs covering Assembly Bill 3088.
At the very beginning of the pandemic, we also began the process of slowly cancelling in-person seminars and events that had been planned for the year, first by cancelling in 30-day increments, and ultimately cancelling planned in-person meetings for the rest of the year. However, we quickly went on the “counter-attack” to these cancellations by creating a series of once or twice (sometimes three- times per week) weekly webinars. You our members have embraced these ongoing, free webinars as we have seen attendance in some instances exceed 1,000! I honestly never thought I could be a host interviewing guests and reading sponsor messaging, but through “tinkering” with our format and constructive feedback from members and other attendees, the webinars seem to work and are here to stay. And again, to those of you that have complained about the approximately 3-to-5 minutes of sponsorship messaging we allow in each webinar, I do apologize that we need our sponsors in order to offer webinars for free and to provide the many other programs and services we offer – we cannot survive on membership dues alone.
You may have noticed that we began slowly bringing members back to our classrooms for in-person certification classes such as Certified Apartment Manager (CAM), Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS), Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician (CAM-T) and National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP). Each of these courses are certified through the National Apartment Association and have been extremely well received and attended
by our members. We are hopeful that we can expand these in-person courses going into 2021 and include Lead Certification, Fair Housing, and other certification courses along the way. Carrying one of these certifications following your name will give you the edge you need to be successful in the rental housing business and further your career goals.
Furthermore, let me reiterate...while all of this “pandemic stuff” was going around, we as an industry defeated Proposition 21. Had it passed, it may have bankrupted us all and created a housing shortage like no other. Hopefully, the proponents have finally learned their lesson this time around and that there will not be a “third time’s a charm” taking place in 2022 or at any other time in our future. Let us also not forget that while dealing with COVID-19 and opposing Proposition 21, we have been embroiled in four Federal legal challenges, three against the City of Los Angeles over its illegal trash hauling monopoly (RecycLA), its rental registry and its eviction moratorium and rent freeze. We have also sued the City of Beverly Hills over that City’s rental registry. Do not ever be in doubt – we look after our members’ interests always.
Looking ahead to 2021 and beyond, let us hope to quickly start out with a clear bright light at the end of the tunnel, vaccines in view or in hand, arrest of the pandemic, massive re-employment, and our economic wheels in full motion. Nevertheless, we at the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles want to assure you that we stand ready to wage war against all harmful regulations, serve you our members with the highest quality of services, and continue to provide you with the information and legal forms you need to succeed. You expect that of us and we expect that of ourselves. This is a promise we will always keep.
Let us hope and pray for a better future as we embark on the year 2021. Always remember, we are here for you. We’ve always got your back.
Daniel Yukelson is currently the Executive Director of The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA). As Certified Public Accountant, Yukelson began his career at Ernst & Young, the global accounting firm, and had served in senior financial roles principally as Chief Financial Officer for various public, private and start-up companies. Prior to joining AAGLA, Yukelson served for 12 years as Chief Financial Officer for both Premiere Radio Networks, now a subsidiary of I-Heart Media, and 3 years for Oasis West Realty, the owner of the Beverly Hilton and Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills where he was involved with the development and construction of the Waldorf.

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