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 Multifamily News
Multifamily news
Oregon Seeking Way to Assist Both Owners and Tenants - Take 20% “Off the Top?”
A proposal being considered by the Oregon
legislature is hoped to help renters who continue to
struggle paying rent due to impacts from COVID-19,
and also offer some apparent financial relief to the State’s landlords—some of whom, according to reports, have not received rental payments for most of 2020. Based on data provided by Portland State University, about 34.8% of Oregonians owed back rent as of September 2020, and it is unlikely that situation improved during the fourth quarter.
Under the proposed State bill, the Rental Housing Stabilization Proposal, also known as Legislative Concept 18, a rental assistance fund would be established to compensate landlords for up to 80% of the unpaid rent they are owed. Consequently, landlords would have to forego the other 20%. Tenants, on the other hand, would need to submit a sworn affidavit that they have been experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic in order to qualify for the relief. Under Oregon law, tenants do not have to offer any proof that they have been adversely financially impacted to discontinue paying rent.
Colorado Legislature Passes “Real” Relief
for Rental Property Owners and Renters
Colorado legislators, in a three-day long special session, passed ten new bills that will provide hundreds of millions of dollars in coronavirus economic relief. The biggest allocation of funding was $60 million to help renters and landlords, including $5 million earmarked for those unable to access federal aid because of their immigration status. Furthermore, the Colorado legislature allocated an additional $5 million in energy assistance grants and another $5 million for food pantries. Legislators also approved $57 million in grants for restaurants, bars, caterers, fitness centers and cultural, arts and entertainment venues. Finally, money has been earmarked for childcare, $45 million, in grants for licensed childcare providers or neighborhood youth organizations so workers can get back to their jobs.
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Rainy season is well underway which means it’s time to make sure drains and gutters are free of leaves and other debris. A simple clean out prevents water from entering your property and saves both roofs and foundations from the leaks and structural damage that the stormy season can bring. Clogged gutters can also cause erosion and destroy plantings, as well as provide the perfect breeding ground for rodents and other pests. Even after the gutters are cleared, repairs might be necessary. Identify leaks by filling the gutter with water and watching where it flows. For safety purposes, always clean or repair your gutters from a ladder, and not on top of the roof.
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