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The “Best is Yet to Come” in 2021 Under Turner’s Stewardship
BOy Daniel Yukelson, Executive Director
n January 1, 2021, Los Angeles Area attorney, Cheryl Turner, became the President of the Board of Directors of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles. Nominated by the Board of
Directors in October 2020 and approved by a vote of the members of the Association in November 2020, Ms. Turner will become the first African American woman to hold the title of President in the Association’s nearly 104-year history. Outgoing President of the Board of Directors, Earle Vaughan, said of Ms. Turner:
“I am so pleased that Cheryl Turner will be taking the reins as our next President of the Board of Directors. She is a trial lawyer and transactional attorney with an extensive background in business, insurance, real estate, and construction. She will be the perfect next President to lead the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles into the future...While I may be stepping down, don’t Cheryl Turner steps up to the plate on January 1st, know that we are in great hands. The best is yet to come.”
As a practicing attorney, Ms. Turner’s areas of legal practice are real estate, business, taxation, construction, insurance, tort, and civil rights litigation. Having formerly practiced in insurance defense, she also has extensive experience in claims management. She is licensed to practice law in the State of
California, including the California Supreme Court; the U.S. Tax Court, U.S Court of Appeals and the United .State Supreme Court.
Ms. Turner has also been active in politics and is a community advocate for many businesses and community-based organizations, in addition to her work with the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles. As a member of the Association’s Board of Directors, she has served as the Chairperson of the State Committee. During 2018, she ran for a seat on the State Board of Equalization.
She joined the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles following her first investment in an apartment building. Although she was familiar with the legal issues and investment analysis associated with her new real estate investment, she had a need for more information about the day-to- day management of operating an apartment building. After signing-up for one of the Association’s many members meetings, and hearing other owners voice their concerns about operational issues and the new laws that would impact
them, she was hooked.
As she became more active in the Association, she began attending meetings where she heard from candidates for
public office and elected officials who would discuss their rental housing agendas. Ms. Turner recalls of those early days: “We were organized to attend the Housing Committee Meetings at City Hal and we were encouraged to speak at those meetings.”
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