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After getting to know some of the members of the Association’s Board of Directors, she became more involved in the Association’s advocacy efforts by traveling to the Association’s Legislative / Lobbying meetings in Sacramento where she had opportunities to meet in person with Legislators and discuss, educate, and negotiate the proposed bills that affected rental housing. Around that time, she also began to attend the Association’s Board of Directors’ Meetings as she describes herself, as a “highly interested member.” It took a couple of years of attending these Board meeting before he decided to apply to become a Board member.
Over the years, she has served on various committees, including once serving as Vice Chairperson and then Chairperson of the Legal Committee and for the past couple of years as Chairperson of the State Committee and a Vice President of the Board of Directors. As she puts it: “I continued to stay active in AAGLA because of its advocacy and commitment to fighting to preserve the property rights of the small and medium sized rental housing providers, and because I enjoyed being involved in the Association and its Board of Directors.”
She remains positive about investing in rental property today despite the current regulatory environment she states is designed to restrict the rights of rental housing providers, “I still believe it is one of the world’s best investments. All of you already know that with a small amount of money down compared to the actual purchase price combined with a loan from another source, that you can purchase an asset that generates income that can be used to pay off the loan and pay for the property’s other expenses.” Moreover, Ms. Turner believes in
the future: “Even with the economy’s ups and downs including this pandemic, if you can survive it [rental property investment] will ultimately appreciate over time.”
President Turner’s stated goals for 2021 are:
To continue strong advocacy for property rights by improving relationships with our local, state and Federal lawmakers so that property owners will be “Invited to the table” when significant policy decisions are being made and before those decisions become laws that adversely impact the rental housing industry
To not only defend rental property owners against laws that restrict rights and have a negative impact on rental housing, but to also advocate for favorable laws that improve and protect the rights of rental property owners.
When negotiations to amend or defeat laws that violate constitutional rights are not fruitful, we will evaluate those laws to determine whether to pursue remedies through the court system or at the ballot box whenever necessary.
Expand our membership and territory charter granted to the Association through the National Apartment Association to garner new members and to create a larger, more sustainable organization to become a greater force in the rental housing industry.
To continue to provide top-notch service, education, forms, and other valuable benefits to our members because our members are truly our greatest asset.

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