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 Local Advocacy
Prior to the meeting, our Association submitted a letter to the Board of Supervisors expressing concern with the lack of essential stakeholder engagement and the limited time for review of the proposed amendments, which were posted within less than (2) two business days of the meeting. Accordingly, we urged the Board to establish a COVID-19 Housing Taskforce to facilitate key stakeholder insight and an ongoing dialogue with the Board and related County agencies.
Regarding the anti-harassment provisions, we urged Board Supervisors to provide protections against harassing behavior to renters and also rental housing providers as both may be subjected to harassment. Moreover, we indicated that housing providers are experiencing severe financial hardships and drastic reductions in rental revenue such that they may have no other option but to interrupt or terminate some housing services and that such action should not be deemed as harassment. We also recommended the inclusion of additional exceptions to the eviction prohibition relative to a renter’s denial of access to the unit where the housing provider is seeking to comply with a government order or to address an issue identified by the renter.
The Association believes that current State law as set forth in Code of Civil Procedure Section 1179.05(a) preempts the County’s action to extend in whole or in part their eviction moratorium beyond August 31, 2020 and any attempt to enforce those portions of the County’s eviction moratorium not pertaining to non-payment of rent is without legal authority. The Association’s General Counsel, Craig Mordoh, submitted a letter to the County Counsel setting forth that position. If you have questions regarding your property or specific tenancies and the applicability of the State law and any local ordinances, please consult with an attorney.
On September 15, 2020, the Beverly Hills City Council approved the establishment of a Rent Subsidy Program to assist renters financially impacted by COVID-19. The application period was November 16th through December 7th. The program provides for a maximum subsidy of $3,000 for eligible low-income renters residing in Beverly Hills with payments made directly to rental property owners. At the December 1st City Council meeting, the City Council discussed
and approved the distribution of subsidy funds for eligible renters residing in buildings with ten or more units.
The Association is supportive of the concept of rental assistance programs as it is an equitable solution in assisting renters and rental housing providers, who through no fault of their own, are experiencing severe financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the meeting, we submitted a letter to the Council in support of helping eligible renters regardless of the size of the building that they reside in and the provision of additional funding as needed.
On December 8 , the City Council approved with
Council Member Mirisch opposing, a multi-year solid waste service rate increase with the first increase to take effect on January 1, 2022. All other rate increases would occur July 1 of each year beginning July 1, 2022 through fiscal year 2025/26. The City’s solid waste rates were last increased in 2011.
Prior to the meeting, the Association submitted a letter to the City Council urging the Council to postpone establishing any rate increases as multifamily property owners in the City who have already been adversely impacted financially due to their inability to collect or increase rent will experience even greater financial hardships resulting from the additional costs of the proposed rate increases. Also, in a Letter to the Editor of the Beverly Hills Weekly (December 10-16), Executive Director Daniel Yukelson urged the Council to exercise restraint by postponing the increase and to consider the timing of the proposed increase while stakeholders in the community were suffering from the adverse impacts of COVID-19: http://www.
If you have specific questions related to the solid waste rates for your property in the City of Beverly Hills email
During the November 2020 election, the Association endorsed Mayor Goran Eriksson who was in a very close race to maintain his seat on the City Council. The final election results have been posted and we
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