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are pleased to report both Association endorsed candidates: Mayor Goran Eriksson and Albert Vera have been elected.
At the December 16th meeting, the City Council extended the 45-day moratorium on evictions due to substantial remodels pursuant to Assembly Bill 1482 for four months. While the extension of the moratorium is through April 2021, the City Council directed that a permanent ordinance be brought back in January 2021 for the permit requirements. During the four-month period, discussions and stakeholder engagement will be conducted on relocation fees and whether additional fees should be imposed.
The moratorium mandates that as of November 1, 2020 no evictions for the purpose of substantial remodel or demolition as set forth in Assembly Bill 1482 be effective unless the following has been done:
• Building permits are first secured from the City, and
• Copies of the building permits are provided to the renter, and
• A written detailed account of the scope of the work, why the work cannot be reasonably accomplished in a safe manner with the tenant in place and why the work cannot be completed within 30 days.
Since the beginning of November when this matter was first raised by the City Council, the Association has submitted letters and engaged with the City
Council, Planning Commission, and City Staff noting that there has been no data provided evidencing a widespread issue and that current State law, through Assembly Bill 3088, precludes no-fault terminations for substantial remodels through February 1, 2021 unless necessary for health and safety. Notwithstanding the current provisions of Assembly Bill 3088, under Assembly Bill 1482, if an owner fails to comply with State law’s provisions, the no-fault termination is rendered void and the owner may also be subject to punitive damages.
We also highlighted the intricacies involved in the permit application process and the information needed to procure a permit. Requiring that permits be obtained prior to serving a tenancy termination notice makes the permit application process extremely onerous, especially for small “mom and pop” owners. Such burdensome local regulations will make it difficult for small owners who generally have limited financial resources to rehabilitate and upgrade their building, and as a result, such renovations will not be undertaken, allowing for further deterioration of the City’s affordable and aging housing stock.
Due to our advocacy efforts, newly elected Council Member Primuth expressed an interest in having staff explore case studies to determine if there have been violations of the State Law provision and the impact of the moratorium’s permit requirements on small owners.
The Association will continue expressing our objections and concerns relative to the permit requirements and additional relocation fees with the City Council, Planning Commission and City staff, advocating for our members interests and provide updates.
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