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 Member Update
Diane Robertson - 6 Year Member
By Diana Alcaraz, Manager, Events & Education
iane Robertson joined the Diane grew up as a renter and has firsthand Apartment Association of Greater experience with renting and the needs of renters. Los Angeles about 6 years ago, She explains that when she purchased her duplex, not long after purchasing a several renovations and repairs were required, and she duplex in South Los Angeles. She dove headfirst into addressing the renovations, and to stated that it was a friend who also making sure that she used quality materials and highly recommended she join the appliances. She refuses to succumb to a stereotype
Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles over that she believes often runs rampant around rental
any other association that got her to first join. Like so many other rental property owners, Diane purchased her rental property because she wanted to create financial stability and generational wealth.
Diane strives to provide the highest quality and safest rental units for her tenants and she prides herself in delivering just that to her tenants. She believes that pride of ownership can “rub off” on tenants, and it also shows that high quality and safety are some of the top priorities throughout her properties. As she talked about being a rental property owner, it became evident that she loves being a landlord.
units in South Los Angeles – rejecting the suggestion from many that she not put so much effort and money into her properties. She wants to show her pride of ownership throughout all her rental units and believes that through her units, her tenants too will feel a sense of pride and treat the apartments as if they are their own.
Diane Robertson is a New York transplant who likes to say she makes a living as a lawyer but makes a life as a prolific volunteer in service to her community. She is a founding member of the Coalition of Small Rental Property Owners, a grassroots LA-based alliance that advocates for the rights of “mom and pop” landlords.
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