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any income. We frequently hear the argument that housing is a human right; however, the Legislature’s plan seems to subsidize that "right" on the backs of housing providers while they squander the $26 Billion surplus on other issues.
There is no doubt that there are many issues deserving of attention in California. Many people are in desperate need of help. However, is there anything more important than putting a roof over someone’s head?
We will continue asking the Legislature for assistance - not only to benefit tenants struggling to make ends meet, but also to support the future of the state's housing providers and infrastructure. Without immediate action, many housing providers will begin going out of business and the diminishing number of housing units will only exacerbate the State’s housing crisis. As a result, the homeless crisis will only get worse. The Legislature should not wait until it is too late to course correct. In light of a $26 billion budget surplus, any legislator who says they care about tenants or the housing crisis but doesn’t also
fight to spend billions to pay missed rent for tenants, obviously has other priorities.
The legislative session is just getting underway, but as of now, it seems like the trend of allowing tenants to grow deeper in debt and having housing providers subsidize the solution, while falling further into debt themselves, is the only "solution" being put on the table. We are working along with our statewide affiliates and other stakeholders to aggressively push back on moratorium extensions and, instead, for rental assistance. But the longer the shelter in place order continues and the economy suffers, the harder it is for all California industries to get the legislature to consider balanced views on many important issues, but we will continue to put up a fight. 2021 should be one hell of a year!
 Steve Carlson and Jonathan Arambel are Sacramento-based lobbyists for the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles. Mr. Carlson is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Steve Carlson & Associates and Mr. Arambel is the principal of Third House, LLC.
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