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  should improve its computer system so the actual number of problems can be tallied automatically. A Problem Property Task Force should be established to examine the effectiveness of SCEP and possibly recommend that Council return to an effective complaint driven system. If SCEP is retained it should periodically examine only those buildings where complaints are verified and possibly at the time of sale to protect a buyer against hidden defects.
Another life-threatening problem area should be corrected. The SCEP Study-2001 found that in almost 20% of the units, the tenants
had disconnected smoke and
are quick to appear at targeted properties with the requisite media display pointing out slumlords and deficient properties. When have you ever seen the Mayor, or HCIDLA, standing up for an owner, and saying the conditions at the property are caused by the “Tenants from Hell” and the lack of adequate police enforcement and assistance, or help from the city?
The City Attorney’s Office calls press conferences indicating injunctions against landlords and
fire detectors, leaving the
units open to life-threatening
danger. Inspectors should be
able to issue orders to correct
and, where necessary, cite
tenants on the spot when
they discover units where the
occupants have disconnected
smoke detectors, fire alarms,
or made fire door inoperative.
While campaigning, Mayor
Garcetti promised us a new
beginning as Mayor for the
entire City. Since then we
have heard, seen and read
his statements and policies
pertaining to multi-unit
housing. They are one-sided, unfair, and detrimental not only to increasing the housing stock, but also to maintaining it.
Shortsightedness on the part of the Mayor, HCID+LA, and City Council bodes ill for the owners of rental housing, and for tenants. The double standard applied by the HCIDLA, and in turn the Mayor’s office, is not only one sided, but is a flagrant violation of our constitutional rights. It is shortsighted and will do nothing but increase crime as neighborhoods deteriorate due to governmental policies.
HCID+LA is relying on tenants’ rights advocates with proven agendas against owners. It is not right, it is not just, and it is not fair. The Mayor and HCID+LA
have they ever called a press conference to state that they are criminally prosecuting tenants who willfully vandalize their apartment buildings to the detriment of the owner and the other tenants? “Tenants from Hell” do exist and they drive away good tenants and reduce viable residential housing stock. SCEP included a tenant outreach program and a landlord outreach program when passed by City Council. Your SCEP fees pay for the tenant outreach monitors, who are actually tenants’ rights advocates through and through.
Why is it fair or just that the City can spend taxpayers’ monies to pay these tenants’ rights advocates and attorneys to harass owners. The time to act is now and that’s just what we must be doing. This flagrant violation of not only delegating ministerial functions to biased, prejudiced individuals, but also for not providing attorneys for mom and pop landlords. When has the City or HCID+LA provided equal access to policies and procedures that assist you in fulfilling your function and duties as an owner? The answer is “never.”
When and if your property is inspected by the HCID+LA, you will be invoiced for the inspection, for re-inspection, processing fees and eventually, if
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“Why is it fair or just that the City can spend taxpayers’ monies to pay these tenants’ rights advocates and attorneys to harass owners. The time to act is now and that’s just what we must be doing.”
closing buildings. But

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