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Mold vs. Long-Term Damage
BIy Jesus Toro, President, Toro Water Damage and Mold Remediation
am a water damage remediation expert. Her smile disappeared when a gentleman opened Recently, I received a call from a property the door. I immediately knew this was going to be owner. She told me about a tenant living a “good one.” The tenant led me into the master in one of her units which recently had some bedroom and immediately I noticed the water water damage. Of course, every time my damage, the cracks on the drywall, and dark spots phone rings, it is almost always related to that were clearly a roof leak. The tenant explained water damage, but this one was different. that it had happened during the rains a few
The property owner asked if I could go to the property that same day. The owner lives on the same lot as the unit in question and so when I arrived, I met the owner and introduced myself: “Hello, my name is Jesus from Toro Water Damage and Mold Remediation,” and she in turn introduced herself.
Now, over the phone I heard her accent, and though I wanted to ask about it, I held back as I could see she was eager for me to walk the unit and give her my recommendation on the damage. I noticed that throughout our entire interaction and as we waited for the tenant to open the door, she never stopped smiling, which made my day. Smiles from property owners are rare in these types of situations, as is understandable.
weeks ago, and, as my favorite song goes, he was “concerned about the mold.”
The owner looked up at the damage and stated she did not believe it was mold and that she believed it just needed drywall repair. Welcome to my dilemma. As any good water damage technician worth his salt, I began by taking moisture readings and mapping out the damage. Even though a couple weeks had passed after the rains fell, there was high readings, indicating long term damage and that the insulation was still holding water. Once I finished my inspection, I recommended removing the drywall since it had long term damage.
The tenant, however, wanted me to say the key word “mold.” As a technician, I recommend never going that route, especially when the tenant is present, and

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