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 declaring something is mold only creates conflict. Besides, only person qualified to determine that is a hygienist. Water damage technicians use the phrase “long term damage” as it indicates damage from water that has been sitting there for over 72 hours.
To my surprise the owner turned to me and with the same smile she had when I first showed up, she stated she did not believe it was mold. At this point, the tenant started a heated debate with her. My job is to give recommendations based on Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards – which in this case would require an Applied Microbial Remediation. Yes, that type of remediation includes removing all affected organic materials via a mold remediation process. The tenant kept insisting there was mold and the owner continued saying she did not believe it was, and I stood my ground saying it was long term damage. As you can see, we were getting nowhere fast and the owner was getting more and more agitated, which was concerning to me. I asked both to take a breath and relax while I came up with a plan of action and an estimate.
Before I left, the owner’s smile came back and by
this point I swear I was inspired by this nice woman and her smile. The next day I presented the estimate to her via phone. She listened patiently and once I finished; she politely told me she did not believe it was mold. At this point, I went into details about the long-term damage and the potential health issues as the damage is in the master bedroom. I thought I had gotten through to her but to my surprise, she still refused. She stated she would get a second opinion, and that she was certain it only needed new drywall. The tenant was not ready to move on, however, as he called me and I explained to him that it was out of my hands as the owner has the final say, as it is her property.
A few days later, the owner called me. She again expressed to me her feeling that it was not mold and let me know that other companies she had over to her property recommended the same thing I did, but she refused to believe it. The tenant called me later that day as well, asking me to try to change her mind.
At this point, it seems that out of all the companies they had met with up to that point, they are more Please turn to page 78
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