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comfortable talking with me; but how to change a person’s mind when they don’t believe what they are being told? I turned to my partner and asked her to give the owner a call and re-introduce the bid. To my surprise, at the end of the call, the owner hired us to take care of the damage.
We do not always notice things from people that we are around every day, but my partner is soft- spoken, and is a woman of course. Sometimes a woman’s touch does the trick as it did in this case. Sometimes we need to let go and let someone else take charge. In one phone call, my partner managed to convince the owner to set a date and allow us to start working.
Prior to starting the work on the day-of, I met with the owner again, and she told me the story of how she came to America from Poland – that explained the accent. She said she was an accountant and she came to America because her sister married an American doctor. She told me how she left her parents behind and started a new family here in the United States. She smiled as she talked about her
two daughters, one of whom is a doctor and married another doctor. Her smile brightened even more as she talked about her six grandchildren – all girls.
My partner was the key to communication. My partner even came out to the jobsite to talk to the owner and personally thank her for her business and to reassure her we were going to do our best on her property. I may have the answers, but if I can’t get them properly communicated, it’s no use. We depend on our team to contribute to our success, and I am as good as they perform, and each of us reflects who we are as a small company. This may be a small job, but the relationships we are building are far from small.
I like to tell my customers “I hope you don’t see me again, but if you do need to see me again, at least you know that we will take care of you to the best of our abilities.”
    A landlord got an urgent call from his attorney. The landlord asked his attorney, “Is everything OK? What’s up?”
His attorney said, “Well, I have important developments to tell you about that may impact your finances. But I have both ‘good news’ and ‘bad news’ to give you, and I am not sure which to tell you first.”
The landlord told his attorney with a big sigh, “Look, you know what I have been up against lately. Many of my tenants are not payment their rent, and I am sick and tired with dealing with all these local eviction moratoriums and now this new state law, Assembly Bill 3088. Everything to help the tenants, but nothing to help me or any of the other landlords here in California. I’m exhausted and just confused with all of this. So please, please give me some good news first.”
“Well,” the attorney began saying, “Your dear wife went out the other day and purchased a picture for a couple of thousand of dollars. But she has checked it out with an expert, and she’s pretty sure that the picture is worth at least $10 million, but maybe even much more than that.”
“Oh, my G-d,” the landlord screamed into the phone. “My wife is such a smart businesswoman. This is just the kind of news I could use after all I have been dealing with lately. Thank you so much for giving me this great news. Now, you can feel free to give me the bad news. After hearing such great news, what can be so bad?”
The attorney then responded in a low and somber voice, “Well, unfortunately, the bad news is that the picture your wife bought was of you and your secretary.”
The author, Jesus Toro, is the President of Toro Water Damage and Mold Remediation. You can reach Jesus at (714) 422- 5026
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