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How to Attract the Right Residents to Your Property
BTy Ashley Tyndall, Director of Client Service,
here is a lot more that goes power and declining mortality rates, has sparked a into your apartment marketing multi-billion-dollar market for a group now being strategy than just publishing termed “active adults.” Typically born between 1946 posts on Facebook and sending and 1964, Baby Boomers are adjusting to a new out a generic email newsletter. lifestyle centered around leisure and entertainment. Who is your target audience? They are looking to downsize and find a home How old are they and what do that better meets their post-retirement needs. This
they want out of their living experience? What are outlook is giving rise to a distinctly new kind of senior
their biggest pain points and desires? Knowing the answers to those questions can make the difference between obtaining one lease or dozens.
Most apartment marketers have kept their focus on millennials and preparing for the up-and-coming Generation Z. However, if your apartment caters to the senior living environment, you could be wasting your money and effort by marketing on platforms like YouTube or Snapchat. To maximize your marketing potential, you must first understand the terms, trends, and needs of your target audience. Let us start by looking at each generation to determine your market.
Empowered by empty nests and financial freedom, Baby Boomers are embracing their 60+ years for the opportunities they hold rather than dreading the obstacles present. This outlook, coupled with buying
living community that offers independent living, modern conveniences, and a new beginning.
Where Should You Advertise? If your apartment community caters to active adults, it’s best to steer clear from trendy social media platforms like Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter. Instead, keep your focus on Facebook and Instagram. This generation prioritizes Facebook to reconnect with old friends, online shop, and stay up to date on their families.
What Should You Advertise? An active adult isn’t as interested in nightlife or happy hours as a millennial might be, so it’s important to focus on promoting the conveniences and walkability of your property instead. Highlight the proximity your community is to doctor’s offices, clinics, and major highways. You should also promote your property’s walkability to places like grocery stores, parks, and other nearby locales. Seniors are also very mindful of amenities and community design. With many seniors enjoying a higher quality of life, make sure

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