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 to promote your outdoor shared spaces like walking paths, nature trails, and spaces for gardening.
How Should You Advertise? Baby Boomers still enjoy checking the mailbox each day and find joy in the friendly “ping” they hear when they receive an email. If you are sharing helpful, relevant content that your older residents would enjoy reading about, sending a direct mailer or a weekly email is still a great way to stay in front of your current and prospective residents.
There are two generations that fall between Baby Boomers and the up-and-coming Generation-Z: Gen-X and Gen-Y (also known as “Millennials”). Gen-X was born between 1965 and 1980, and Millennials were born between 1980 and 1994. Millennials are often the most buzzed-about generation, and rightfully so with $1.3 trillion in buying power. Millennials increasingly prefer an urban lifestyle (i.e., prime rental locations, public transportation, and smaller units). Gen-X-ers are often bundled in with the Millennial generation when it comes to marketing because although Gen-X didn’t grow up with smartphones and internet at their fingertips, they quickly caught on in later years. Gen- X-ers now enjoy many of the same social media platforms and advertising mediums as Millennials do.
Where Should You Advertise? These generations enjoy most social media platforms, especially Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Some of the younger Millennials even enjoy Snapchat, Reddit, and TikTok. With such a broad
range of platforms, it is best to conduct interviews with your target audience to learn greater insights into the social media channels that interest your prospective and current residents.
What Should You Advertise? As millennials tend to wait longer for marriage, purchasing a house, and having kids, they are staying in the renting sphere longer. Like Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen X are interested in communities with a prime location near major highways and area hotspots. Many are also huge pet lovers, so it’s important for your property to promote its pet-friendliness. They are also more in-tune with sustainability and enjoy apartments that offer recycling and eco-friendly options.
How Should You Advertise? Gen-X and Millennials especially are tech-savvy and frequently keep up with their email. As such, email marketing and drip campaigns are a great way to stay in front of this audience. Facebook and LinkedIn advertising can also be an advantageous venue for promoting your property. While snail mail is not as important to this generation as the Baby Boomers, direct mailers can still yield results with the right design and messaging.
Generation-Z — born between the mid-1990s and 2010 — are beginning to come of age, with the oldest members in their early 20s. And if they are not already, Gen-Z will be the next slew of renters at your properties. Accordingly, it is no longer efficient enough to list your apartment online or use traditional methods of marketing, as Generation-Z has specific expectations for their new pad. From

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