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 a claim to be paid without any deductions for building depreciation. On the other hand, Actual Cash Value only compensates for the depreciated reconstruction value of a building.
• Building Foundations. Coverage for building foundations is often time excluded unless the insurance agent or broker requests otherwise from the underwriter. Generally, underwriters can include this provision for free.
• Building Ordinance. This coverage pays for the increased cost of construction to adhere to current building codes when rebuilding (e.g., installing a fire sprinkler system).
• Earthquake Sprinkler Leakage. If an earthquake sets the fire sprinklers off, insurance companies oftentimes exclude the resulting water damage caused by the sprinklers discharging. Some insurers give policyholders the option of adding
this onto a Commercial Package policy, which is often the most cost-effective way to purchase this type of coverage.
Earthquake deductibles are typically based upon percentages of the limits (typically 5%-25% of the limits offered) with a minimum flat dollar amount (e.g., 5%, minimum $25,000). There are two main ways underwriters offer deductibles today:
• Per Unit of Insurance. Each type of coverage (building, business interruption, etc.) has its own percentage deductible. This can be advantageous as the deductible incurred before insurance kicks in is typically lower.
• Per Policy. The percentage deductible is based on the Total Insurable Value (sum of Building, Business Personal Property, and Business Interruption), which means policyholders will pay a much higher deductible before the insurance policy begins to cover losses.
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