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Holy Nightmare, Batman! Renting a Bat Nest in South Carolina
Picture this...Bats flying around the apartment at night, nose bleeds, and disgusting odors. These are all things a woman and her son are facing inside of her apartment, and she complains no one is giving her any help. “Holy Where’s the Landlord, Batman!”
Columbia, South Carolina renter, Dionne Wilks, has reported she is so scared to continue living in her apartment. She left her apartment on February 22nd, and apparently has not yet returned. But who can blame her?
Pictures have shown there might be hundreds of bats inside of her apartment. She has complained that her 4-year-old son has been suffering with nose bleeds because of the terrible odor created by the bats. An exterminator she hired diagnosed the situation stating that Ms. Wilks and her son are living in a “bats’ nest.” Attempts to remedy the situation, such as taping up a closet door, or the obvious solution, contacting the building’s management company, have failed to solve the situation.
Is D.A. Gascon Keeping All of Us Safe?
Controversial Los Angeles District Attorney, George Gascon, has created a list of infractions that he and his District Attorneys’ office will NOT prosecute. The list includes:
• Trespassing
• Disbursing the peace
• Driving under influence
• Public intoxication
• Driving without an expired or invalid driver’s license.
• Under influence of controlled substance
• Loitering
• Resisting arrest
Many cities throughout Los Angeles County, including Santa Monica, Downey, Manhattan Beach, Pomona, Beverly Hills, Glendale, Los Angeles, Pasadena, and a long list of others, and all of the County’s unincorporated areas rely upon the District Attorneys’ office to prosecute these and many other crimes. The police in some of these cities make thousands of arrests for these infractions every year. Unfortunately, George Gascon will no longer prosecute these crimes. The police in some cities, such as in Los Angeles, are no longer making arrests for these crimes, while other city police departments, such as Beverly Hills will continue to do so despite the criminals likely being released almost right away.
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