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 Executive Director’s Message
Deyenu! (It Is Enough Already)
BHy Daniel Yukelson
aving had the pleasure of celebrating the Passover holiday with my family in the not too distance past, as tradition holds, we once again celebrated the holiday with the singing of the Passover song (yes, just like
Christmas, we Jews have our holiday music too!) “Dayenu.” (pronounced “die-ay-nu”). The word “dayenu” means approximately “it would have been enough,” or “it would have been sufficient,” or “it would have sufficed” The song “Dayenu” is steeped in our Passover holiday tradition, and it is about thanking G-d for all of the many gifts given to Jews over the centuries, any which one gift “would have been enough.”
As a rental housing provider, I could not help thinking as I sat around the beautiful Passover dinner table with my family while belting out my out-of- tune rendition of “Dayenu,” I thought to myself, “dammit,” it is enough, way too much already, all of the regulatory “crap” being dished out on each of us - it has to stop. Sadly, like many of you, I tend to think about rent control, eviction protections, and so many of the other crazy rules and regulations proposed or made into law, at some of the most inopportune times.
The plethora of eviction moratoriums, rent freezes, lack of rent collections and spiking vacancy rates have done so much harm to us all. We have now been under one or more eviction moratoria for over a year, with no end in sight for those of us that own rental
properties within the City of Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, and with a “possible” end date of June 30, 2021 for those of us subject to Senate Bill 91, which by the way, there’s talk of extending further. So, plan ahead as that is not light at the end of the tunnel, but an oncoming train bearing down on us.
And, while several jurisdictions have frozen rent increases, whether renters have been impacted by COVID related financial distress or not, we are still getting “hit” with various utility and fee increases. Very recently, for example, the City of Los Angeles after having initially increased trash hauling fees for its RecycLA monopoly almost three years ago by 200% to 400% or more in some cases, decided to pass along a 6.15% rate increase to multifamily property owners at the same time rent increases continue to remain frozen. Now, the City Council is working with waste haulers to defer the increase for those of you who ask, but you will eventually need to pay the increase unlike renters for whom we will never “make-up” for forgone rent increases for over a year and beyond.
Cities throughout California today are evaluating the passage of the “T.O.P.A.” or a “tenant opportunity to purchase act” which offers either renters, designated non-profits organizations, or the government itself the “first right” to purchase a property when offered for sale or when a property owner desires to redevelop a property. In real estate law, actually in any contract law, a so-called “right of first refusal” is a very valuable contractual right that some local jurisdictions,
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